Examining the property scene in Lambeth

Lambeth is an interesting location. It sits in a central destination but has only really been the focus of investment for the last few years. Before this the fact it was on the South bank of the Thames deterred many buyers. The search for value for money and changing reputation of the area following some high profile moves changed this.

The gentrification of the Borough is progressing relatively smoothly, if not at a rather sedate pace. The riverside has seen the biggest development, seeing people investing in the locations that can offer a premium because of the proximity to the Thames. Lambeth Walk has changed substantially too.

There are a number of things that attract people to living in Lambeth. The housing stock is particularly good with a wide array of different options to choose from including Georgian town houses, terraces, cottages, and flats/apartments. Across the Borough there are a number of estates too.

On top of the varied housing stock there are a number of good primary and secondary schools in Lambeth. This makes the area attractive to families in particular. It also gives the area good staying power.

The biggest selling point for Lambeth though is the close proximity to Central London. Some parts of the Borough are in Zone 1 and people living in these areas have the option to walk to the Thames and all of the attractions just over the river. Transport links to other parts of the capital are really good too.

At Finefair we provide an array of specialist services in Lambeth including estate management. We understand what it takes to look after a wide variety of properties and ensure they are managed correctly. The fact we are asked to look after hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets shows just how good we are at serving clients and meeting their needs.

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