Many surprising things can affect property prices

In many past articles we have looked at a number of different things that affect the price of homes, including close proximity to parks and lucrative addresses. On top of these there are a number of other factors that can have an impact on values. A few of them are quite surprising.

One thing that has an effect on house prices that you may find interesting is the actual number of the property. Number 13 remains the most unpopular and in those streets that have them (many skip it altogether) the properties can be worth less than their neighbours.

On top of this Zoopla reported in a survey that odd numbers tend to have higher valued than even ones. Number 1 can command the highest price, particularly with terraced houses because they generally only have a property attached on one side.

The proximity to a pub has the potential to add a lot of value to a property, particularly amongst certain audiences. Whereas some people don’t want to live near noisy, busy pubs, this may be a big selling point for younger age groups and therefore add value. In a smaller village being close to the pub can be a bigger bonus.

As we have mentioned some streets command very high prices because of the lucrative area. More surprising is that the name of a street can add value. Regal names such as King and Queen can command higher prices for example.

Everybody knows that good views can add value to a property. Not surprisingly living on a hill can help to boost prices. There are many reasons for this including the view and the protection against issues such as flooding. Addresses with hill in their name tend to be more valuable than those without.

At Finefair we always look for things that add value to homes. This helps us to provide the best services to our clients. Many of them, including living on a hill and close proximity to pubs and amenities, can also have an impact on our services, including property management in Islington. We take everything on board to ensure we meet every requirement though.