Agreements have been signed for a huge £410 million property investment in Hounslow

A huge £410 million development in Hounslow took a massive step forward earlier this month with the signing of a three way deal for the project. It set out the ownership structure of the agreement and listed who would be responsible for which element of the work.

Linkcity will take on the creation of a new civic centre on Bath Road in the town centre. Bouygues UK will act as the main contractor. Sheppard Robson has been appointed as the architects. The new building will become home of the council offices, a library, and a cafe.

At the same time Notting Hill Housing will create a new residential development on the site of the existing civic centre on Lampton Road. A total of 919 new homes will be created in ten buildings on the site. The properties will vary in size from studios and apartments to family houses. Many of them will be designated as affordable. Allies and Morrison is the architect for this element of the project.

The project is huge for Hounslow and will create a community focused redevelopment. The civic centre will create an efficient, modern working space for the Council, police force, and health services. There will also be outdoor open spaces for public use. The residential development offers a great park side location and will also be designed with the community in mind.

The work will be the largest example of property investment in Hounslow currently in progress. It could trigger further redevelopment and regeneration in the future, particularly if it is as successful as people are anticipating.

This project will showcase what is possible when so many elements come together to focus on delivering the highest quality redevelopment. It is fantastic the agreements have been signed successfully and the work can move forward. The relocation of the civic centre services is expected to be completed by 2019, after which the residential development can take place.