How successful have short term lets been in London?

When the market opened allowing landlords to offer properties for short term lets there was great optimism that it would help people to earn additional income from their properties. Whilst this has happened and the number of people letting the properties on a shorter basis to holidaymakers has risen, a number of issues have come to light.

Across the capital local councils have been receiving complaints from unhappy residents whose neighbours have chosen to let their properties for short periods to holidaymakers. The most common complaint is the noise they cause. In some cases there have even been claims that large parties have been held in properties.

Kensington and Chelsea Council took a big step last year following complaints from residents about a flat on St. Ann’s Road. They issued an enforcement notice against the occupants and could also have issued fines of up to £20,000 and court action if the situation did not improve. The property ultimately disappeared from short term letting websites.

The Kensington and Chelsea Council has a very tough stance on short term lets because they feel it has an impact on the availability of permanent residential accommodation in the Borough. This view shared by the chairman of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

At Finefair we operate as a lettings agent in Kensington and Chelsea and strive to offer the very best level of service we can to landlords. When we are approached we always discuss the benefits of all the different letting options that are available, from private to council leasing and short term services. Our focus is always on delivering great rewards for every client.

A hallmark of our service is we work closely with each client to get to know their requirements and provide a service to match. This approach has helped us to build a great reputation and a loyal customer base.

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