Examining the “longevity belt” in London and the impact on the property market

The property market in London is very unique because of the number of different ways it can be broken down. You can look at it as 32 different Boroughs, think even smaller and look at individual areas in each Borough, or consider it in regards to the Underground Zone. There are even some distinct rings that seem to develop.

A specific suburban “longevity ring” was mentioned in last December. The term was created after research from financial advisors Willis Towers Watson was released. Their data found that a commuter belt outside London was home to nine of the top ten areas for life expectancy after retirement in the whole of the UK.

The best area was Kingston Upon Thames with an average life expectancy of 89.74. Hemel Hempstead and Guildford came a close joint second with 89.71. The only area outside of the region to feature on the list is Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It came sixth with 89.47.

The “longevity belt” in London is believed to be much more than just a geographical location. The financial advisors Willis Towers Watson claims that it is actually the economic and lifestyle factors of the suburban parts of London that help to boost life expectancy of residents.

The report makes good reading and could explain why properties in areas like Kingston Upon Thames can command such high prices. There will be an undoubted impact on supplies of both rental properties and homes to purchase as a result. This can cause increased competition and the rise in prices.

The data is good from an investment perspective though, particularly for landlords. They can target tenants who are looking for homes for the long term, providing stability and allowing the property owner to hold on to assets as prices rise.

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