Suburban areas are very attractive to families

Outer Boroughs are becoming increasingly popular with families, especially those with good transport links. This is down to the fact that in many areas it is possible to make money go twice as far, purchasing bigger homes that are more likely to have gardens. This is something that many people can’t turn down, especially if they can still commute quickly to the city centre.

Orpington in the London Borough of Bromley is one of the most exciting suburban areas. It can offer the large homes and value for money people want as well as several other benefits. Most notably the town is very close to the Green Belt on the opposite side of the M25. As a result there is plenty of open space and countryside to enjoy within touching distance.

The area is also renowned for being home to really good state schools, including highly rated grammar schools such as St. Olave’s, St. Saviour’s and Newstead Wood. There are also good primaries. If they are looking at private schooling, families have a number of great options too.

The housing scene in the area is outstanding, offering a wide selection of options. At the top of the market there are private gated estates valued in the millions. Alternatively there are rows of terraced homes available for a much smaller price tag.

If you are looking for a home that really stands out the Arts & Crafts homes by Noel Rees are very highly regarded. Many of them feature arched porches that instantly grab attention. There are a number of roads with these homes, including in the Chenies conservation area.

On top of all of the advantages listed above the housing stock makes it possible for people to move up and down the market. As a result people who live in the area are likely to stay rather than moving away when their children grow up.

Finefair is proud to help clients explore all of the incredible investment properties Bromley has to offer, including the ones in Orpington and other suburban areas. If you need advice or support we can provide it each step of the way. We even offer a range of letting and management services if investors are buying properties that won’t be their main home.

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