Neasden is an ideal location

Neasden is located in one of the most ideal areas of the London Borough of Brent. To the west is Wembley Park and all of the wonderful amenities in the area. Dollis Hill, including the large Gladstone Park, is to the east. Brent Park and a number of highly regarded schools are to the south. To the north are the beautiful Brent Reservoir and some great natural sights.

It isn’t just the surroundings that make the area an attractive one though. The town centre has enjoyed a lot of regeneration over the years, driven by the local council working to encourage more businesses to set up in the area and enhancing shopping opportunities. The infrastructure has improved, including roads, parking, pedestrian areas, and streets.

One of the most iconic things about Neasden is its multi-cultural community. This diversity has enriched the area, resulting in a mixture of architecture, shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Neasden Station is on the Jubilee Line. As a result residents have great connections to the centre of the city and on to Canary Wharf. Commuters to the business district can reach it in under an hour. City centre attractions around Baker Street can be reached in around half an hour.

House prices in the area are good, closer to the affordable end of the scale than city centre locations. More regeneration is expected too, particularly with all the work going on a short distance away at Brent Cross.

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