A big rise in new homes built in Bexley

Bexley saw a big jump in the amount of new housing built in the Borough in the last year. In total 764 homes were created, including two large developments at Howbury Slade Green and Belvedere.

The number of new homes created is the second highest in the last sixteen years, only falling short of the figure for 2015 when 810 were built. The result is even more impressive when considering that there was a drop in the housing stock in 2016 because of demolitions on the Erith Park redevelopment. The figures state that 132 homes were lost but if demolition work is discounted 548 dwellings were created.

Discounting demolitions, this means that the last two years has seen the creation of 1,385 new homes. Of this number 443 are affordable housing. This is over 30% of the total, a good number for the location.

Bexley is one of the outer London Boroughs that are being encouraged to increase the number of new homes that are created. These destinations are becoming more and more attractive because prices are lower and more land is available for development. More needs to be done to attract developers. Easing rules and freeing up more sites as mentioned in our previous article could help to do this.

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