Southwark identified for future development

If we were to give someone £1 every time a report stated that the demand for housing in London was far higher than the supply, we’d need quite a few of those coins always at the ready. From our perspective as leading property service providers in London, we’re always more interested in looking at what’s being done about addressing the problem rather than complaining about the fact that it exists.

When it comes to addressing London’s shortage of residential property, it’s interesting to take a look at the London Borough of Southwark. As one of his first acts since taking office, new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan visited one of several areas of Southwark identified as being able to accommodate a significant amount of London’s housing requirements. With all of us being aware of the housing shortage, virtually everyone will be setting their usual political affiliations aside and supporting the focus he has given this important matter.

That Southwark has been identified as a location for the development of new builds does not mean property opportunities do not already exist there. A crucial factor in seeing Southwark as a potential area for new housing was the fact that there is such a high level of demand for living space in the area. This South London borough offers exceptional commuter connectivity to the main business districts of the city, while many of the historical features of the region are a point of attraction in their own right.

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