Managing multiple properties with ease

If you own multiple London properties and have a varied portfolio which involves different types of investments at various locations throughout the city, you will understand both the potential for profit and the difficulty of managing and keeping track of everything. You have to do everything you can to make sure your properties are well managed so that they can maintain or increase their value, and this means that detailed, regular and attentive management is essential. If you let your properties to paying tenants, you will also need to ensure that they are happy. This can be an overwhelming task to take care of by yourself. However, we are here to help.

Even if you are a highly experienced investor who has been purchasing properties for many years, you will still find it difficult and time consuming to manage everything by yourself, and you can still benefit from professional help. This is especially true if you are looking to expand your portfolio even further. Our team of skilled property specialists can help you to identify the right properties and the right times to invest in them, ensuring you make only positive and beneficial additions.

We’ll then identify any ways you could potentially increase the profit from your investment, for example by turning it into a HMO and providing housing to more tenants, or by making other alterations to the property which would allow you to ask for a higher rent. With our finger always on the pulse of London’s ever-evolving property market, we are in the perfect position to provide you with the help and support you need.

As well as offering management for individual properties, we also carry out estate and block management in Bexley and all other London boroughs, so no matter how challenging your property may be or how many you own, you can rely on us for top quality work. From paying you guaranteed rent each month to taking care of tenants’ needs and ensuring all maintenance is carried out, we cover each and every aspect of London investment property management with skill, dedication and attention to detail.