Hillingdon highlighted for investment success

The far west area of London offers some outstanding investment opportunities for those who are looking to make an optimised profit. Hillingdon is a London borough which is most well known for being home to Heathrow Airport. It’s also home to just under 2,000 acres of green belt, and has the fifth largest economy of all the London boroughs. If you bring these three factors together you can see why there is a constantly growing demand for property across the suburbs. At this moment, Hillingdon also provides a rare opportunity for investors.

The current property market conditions and outlook in Hillingdon are, at face value, contradictory. While a survey of homeowners in the borough showed that over 90% expected the value of their property to rise over the next twelve months, at present there has been a slight decrease in the average asking price. This is a set of circumstances which most would view as ideal, if not perfect, for investors. Being able to buy into an area of anticipated growth at lower than average prices is an opportunity which all must give serious consideration to.

We have always been proud of our work and representation in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Our work in securing returns for investors, whether through sales or via guaranteed rent and council leasing, led to us being appointed as preferred suppliers to the authorities of the region. The importance of this status is that it gives you the confidence of knowing we are trusted to deliver the best performance in the property market. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or access returns on investment from investment properties in Barnet, Hillingdon, Haringey or any other area of the capital, we are the team with track record for delivering it.