Continuing to secure our clients’ investments

Since being established over a decade ago, our guaranteed rent has consistently been the most popular service we offer to our clients. There are many reasons why so many investors in London and throughout the UK ask us to guarantee their monthly rental income for them.

Guaranteed rent essentially involves us becoming your tenant, taking over all management of the property and paying you rent each and every month, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not or whether the actual tenants are able to pay their rent. This gives you an unbeatable level of financial security and eliminates the dreaded situation where you are left without the rent you need to pay the mortgage or other essential bills. Landlords throughout the country love the security and stability our guaranteed rent offers them.

There are many property companies offering guaranteed rent, but we are unique for two main reasons. Firstly, we are the preferred supplier across all London boroughs and can offer you the highest possible rates. Secondly, we are the only company who will provide guaranteed rent on any property, no matter how new, old, large or small, or where it is located in the country. From a single studio flat to a large HMO or multiple houses in different locations, we can guarantee the rent on all of them.

Besides these great benefits, our service is also extremely flexible, and you can choose the exact time period you wish us to guarantee your rent for – anything from one year up to a decade. Payments will commence just 24 hours after you come on board with our offer and you will have absolutely no management or commission fees to pay. With stress-free management, a steady and reliable income, and a fully flexible service tailored around your needs and preferences, it’s no wonder that guaranteed rent continues to be the most popular service we offer to our clients.