Safeguarding your Merton buy-to-let property

Merton is a borough of contrasts, providing a wide and varied range of options for property investors, buyers and renters. From affluent Wimbledon, home of the world’s most famous tennis tournament, to more affordable districts like Colliers Wood and Mitcham, each area of this outer-London borough is unique and offers its own opportunities depending on your requirements and budget.

One of the most desirable qualities of the boroughs is the fact that it has many open and green areas, giving it a feeling of spaciousness lacking in many other boroughs. When combined with its excellent transport links, Merton is a very desirable area for many people looking to rent a home. If you are considering investing in a buy to let property or if you already own one here, you’ll have plenty of chances to succeed.

However, no matter how desirable an area may be, there is never any guarantee that you will be able to find high quality tenants who can always be relied on to pay their rent on time and take good care of the property. Every landlord worries about being left short of the rent money they are owed at the end of the month, and in order to alleviate these worries it is important to have access to the services of a professional, skilled management company. This is where we can help you.

We offer a unique guaranteed rent service which applies not only to properties in Merton, but throughout the entire UK. Our service differs from that offered by other companies because we consider all properties, regardless of their age, size or type. The offer involves us essentially becoming your tenant, paying you rent money each month while fully managing every aspect of the property, including dealing with tenants and all their needs. We’ll continue to pay you even if the property is temporarily unoccupied between tenants.

There are so many great advantages to guaranteed rent which have contributed towards its status as our most popular service. You will have the stability that comes with a guaranteed monthly income, your tenants will benefit from excellent management and swift resolutions to their maintenance issues, and we will be happy to add another landlord to our long list of satisfied clients.