Eglon House is London’s brand new live-work house

The great thing about the London property market is the unique investment opportunities that often crop up in the capital. One such property is Eglon House, a stunning Primrose Hill property conversion. Eglon House has been planned for a decade and has been designed to pay architectural tribute to one of the most celebrated buildings in Paris.

The Maisson de Verre, or the House of Glass, is located in the 7th arrondissement of the French capital. It was the masterpiece of architect Pierre Chareau and was constructed between 1928 and 1932. It used a multitude of glass blocks, introduced industrial materials into a residential setting and was a milestone in domestic and commercial property design. The house was way ahead of its time as it combined both residential and professional quarters.

When the house was built there was no way to foresee the trend that would rise in the 21st century of creating hybrid spaces designed for both living and working, featuring large floors dedicated to commercial purposes. However, it was the Maisson de Verre that led the way and inspired the design of Eglon House.

Discreetly tucked away behind the main street on Primrose Hill, the sensational new home has additional prestige. After years of use as a stable block, factory and milking dairy, the property was then converted to Mayfair recording studio in the 1970s and was the scene of recordings by many legendary artists including Pink Floyd, Tina Turner and the late David Bowie.

Rather than copy the style of the original Chareau, the new design pays tribute and retains the integrity with a contemporary approach that features classic touches. One of the bedrooms boasts a blue carpet that is identical to the one found in the Master suite of the original French structure and 1930s Parisian sofas and light fittings have been recreated throughout.

With two kitchens, five bedrooms, two double-height reception rooms and an extensive amount of space for working use the property is large enough to offer the sense of travel to and from work despite the fact that both environments can exist within the property.

Eglon House is now awaiting its new owner and it is clear that whoever purchases the property will acquire the perfect live-work home. Investment properties like Eglon House are often the inspiration for others, and the market regularly sees the construction of innovative new multi-functional properties. As leading estate agents, we can help you find your dream investment opportunity in the capital.