London’s artists need affordable accommodation

Lately there has been concern that the shortage of affordable housing in London may force many of the city’s artists and creatives to relocate. According to the Mayor’s office, London makes £3 billion annually from cultural tourism, so it stands to reason that the loss of singers, artists, dancers, digital designers, chefs, stage hands, gallery attendants and nightclub doormen would make the capital a less entertaining and exciting place.

The housing charity Dolphin Living was funded with the proceeds from the sale of the Dolphin Square Art Deco mansion flats in Pimlico, and specialises in providing rental flats at discounted prices for public-sector workers such as nurses and police officers. They have recently announced that they plan to open their properties to a broader range of prospective tenants, including jobs and careers that enrich London’s cultural life.

As a result of its dedication to preserving culture in the centre of the city, Dolphin Living has been shortlisted for a social housing innovation award. They focus on properties in the central borough of Westminster, and by concentrating on a particular geographical area they intend to ensure cultural richness continues to thrive.

The digital, artistic and creative professionals of London make a significant contribution to its success and the need for affordable rented accommodation close to arts and entertainment hotspots presents landlords and investors with potentially lucrative opportunities. We work with a wide range of developers, investors and buy to let landlords across the London boroughs, and if you are a landlord who owns a buy to let property here, we can help you.

Renting artists prefer to live as close to the creative hotspots as possible and shared housing can often offer the ideal living situation. If you are interested in HMO opportunities we can help you locate the right property or convert an existing one into a high-yielding and fully licensed multiple occupancy building.

We can vet and place tenants, manage both the property and tenancy and ensure you receive the maximum rent possible without any void periods. If you are looking for property investment opportunities in Westminster, Newham, Islington, Camden or any other area of London, get in touch.