Richmond Upon Thames is home to a number of attractive areas

Of the many London Boroughs that exist in the capital, perhaps the most popular destination is Richmond Upon Thames. It has a fantastic reputation as being home to the happiest residents in the whole of the capital. In fact people enjoy living in the area so much that they tend to stay for life.

The thing that makes Richmond, one of the largest towns in the Borough of the same name, so attractive is the fact that it is where urban and rural come together. As a result there are a number of attractive natural features to draw people to the area and encourage them to stay. Of these the royal park is one of the best.

There are two areas in the town where homes are especially highly sought. Those in close proximity to the 2,500 acre park are attractive. Properties along the stretch of the Thames in the area are also popular and enjoy great prices.

Richmond is surprisingly not the largest area in the Borough. Twickenham has the honour and is the administrative centre. The large suburban settlement is very well connected and offers many attractions to residents. Travel zone 5 is where Twickenham Station is located and it’s served on a regular basis by trains to Kingston, Reading, Hounslow and Waterloo. For investors who will need to commute into the city regularly, the Waterloo trains have a run rate of 12 per hour, guaranteeing a reliable and quick trip to your destination.

House prices in the Twickenham area may have risen by 87% throughout the past 10 years, but incredibly, they remain below the London average by a decent amount. The same goes for the rent prices too.

Whether you are attracted to Richmond or Twickenham we can help clients to find the right properties. We recommend doing a little bit of research and taking advantage of the assistance of our expert team in your search. This can go a long way to helping you find the perfect opportunity.

At Finefair we offer a range of services to investors and landlords in Richmond Upon Thames, including our highly popular rent guarantee scheme. Aside from the financial benefits of this service, there’s also a considerable degree of convenience present too, as we can handle anything from council tax to the tenants themselves.