The Quietways in London could reveal great opportunities for property investment

Cycling is a very popular mode of transport in London for a number of reasons. Firstly, many parts of the city are not car friendly so a bicycle is a better option for getting around as opposed to using public transport. Additionally parking spaces and garages for cars command a great deal of value because of land prices, making it even more expensive to be a vehicle owner. Thirdly, using a bike to get around is better for your health.

To promote more people to take up or switch to cycling as their primary mode of transport TfL is launching a series of Quietway cycle routes. These networks are traffic free, taking cyclists through parks, along waterways, and through streets with no vehicles. As a result they are much safer to use and provide a faster route from suburban areas to the centre of the capital.

The first Quietway is up and running, stretching from Waterloo to Greenwich. It will be joined by six more before spring 2017, including one from Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace, stretching almost the whole length of the Borough of Southwark. When all seven are in operation 15 London Boroughs will be served by them. Phase 2 at a later date will create even more, seeing every single Borough receive part of a route.

The Quietways are already having an impact on the property market, even though only one of them is currently in operation. The routes are leading people to look for investment properties in lesser known areas in close proximity to them. They are doing this because once all of them are open they will be able to take to their bikes and commute easier.

If you are considering property investment, whether as an owner occupier or a landlord there are many attractive areas to choose from where your money can go far. Looking at areas served by the Quietways is very wise and could help you to find a great deal.

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