Targeting hotspots to boost your chances for a great return

The property market in London may experience rapid fluctuations and frequent change but it remains a great area for investors looking at capital gains and attractive rental yields. The difference is that it takes more effort now to find the right areas to invest in. This is because there is so much demand in the market.

The key to being successful with buy 2 let investments is to buy properties early on in hotspots. This gives you the best chance to buy for a good price and enjoy a healthy yield. In London there are so many different areas to choose from it can be tricky to locate those where conditions are the best. It is important to keep up to date and ensure you have the latest information to hand so you can make the right decisions.

Currently there are a number of attractive buy to let hotspots across the capital. The east and south tend to offer the highest yields. House prices in these areas are generally lower than in established areas in Central London as well as to the north and west.

The south is popular in particular because the area has long been less sought than areas to the north of the Thames. The change in attitude comes because it offers some really great locations and the aforementioned attractive prices. Additionally with improved connections and plans for even more bridges to connect the two banks there is a bright future for the area.

The London Borough of Sutton is a great location because it is roughly central in the south. Rents in the area are expected to rise at a fantastic rate as more people look for hotspots in Zone 5 where the purchase price for homes is competitive.

At Finefair we can help clients to find information about hotspots and choose the right area to make a great yield on their investment. On top of this we can provide an array of services such as estate management that can offer savings on fees. These can push your returns up further thanks to lower costs. Whether you choose to target Sutton or another Borough we can deliver great value to you.