Revitalising Romford’s run-down industrial sites

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In November, Havering Council approved plans to revitalise a decaying Romford industrial site by constructing a thousand homes. Cabinet members talked through plans to convert Bridge Close. This is all part of a progressive project. Hopefully it will act as a regeneration catalyst for the town centre.

What are the specifics of the plans?

The local authority is recommending a fresh residential-focused development of one, two, and three bedroom structures. They will come in addition to new healthcare complexes and a three-form entry primary school.

Another announcement made was that 35% of the expansion would consist of affordable housing. This is possible thanks to the heightened funding coming from the GLA.

The local council also had some opinions to share. Council leader Roger Ramsey stated that participating in a 50-50 pursuit with the developers would prove that the authority was exploring new strategies of meeting housing goals. Councillors believe that such a proposal could alter the face of Romford’s town centre.

The connections, opportunities, and communities of the area are crucial to the location. They are indispensible to the ambition for not only Romford, but also the entire borough of Havering.

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