Hillingdon saw a big jump in new property listings in January

The property market always seems to slow to a crawl over the Christmas and New Year period. This isn’t too surprising though because people generally have a lot of other things on their mind. January can see everything spring back to life, including an influx of newly listed properties.

The latest figures from HouseSimple show just how much the property market moved on in January 2018. According to their data there was a 40% rise across the 100 main areas in the UK. In December 2017 there were just 13,430 new listings, the lowest monthly total in the whole year. The following month this number rose to 20,004.

A huge rise in listings in London

The surprising thing is that new listings in London rose substantially in the period. They were up by a huge 78.7%. In a handful of areas the rise was at least double the December figures.

Hillingdon stood out in particular. In January 18 the number of new listings rose by an incredible 118.7%. This was the highest total of any Borough in London.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a home in Hillingdon. For one the location is outstanding, offering the perfect combination of urban and rural. There are also great transport links, schools, and local amenities.

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