New council homes on Grange Farm Estate in Harrow

In February Harrow council released details of a £10million plan to build new council properties and shared ownership homes. The Grange Farm Estate currently has 1960s pre-fabricated homes. These properties date back to a period when housing demand was outpacing supply. The shortage saw an influx in temporary homes. In many parts of the UK these buildings are still standing but are now very out of date. This is true of the estate in Harrow.

Creating a new community

The plan will completely change the estate if it gains planning permission. Initially the pre-fabricated properties will be replaced by new energy efficient homes. There will be a mixture of flats and houses with up to four bedrooms. All new homes will also have their own external space. In total the first phase will create 68 council properties and 21 homes for shared ownership. All of them will be available at affordable rates.

The project will not end with the new homes though. The estate will also receive a new community centre, a play area, and a village green. This will help to create a real community feel in the area.

Existing secure council tenants will be entitled to a new home on the estate once the work is complete. In addition they will be compensated for the disruption.

Maximum funding

The local council will receive the maximum amount of funding for the project from the Housing Infrastructure Marginal Visibility Fund. As a result, the £10million will help to get the project underway and allow development.

This will only be the first phase of the Grange Farm development. Subsequent phases could take the total number of houses built to 500 in the next five years. Additional funding applications and planning permissions will be necessary though.

Finefair is excited to see the development of this part of Harrow. It could inspire more people to want to live in the area.

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