Regularly reviewing your portfolio

One of the most important services we provide to our clients is the regular reviewing of their property portfolios. When it comes to achieving success with investment properties in Merton and throughout the rest of London, it is crucial to thoroughly and rigorously assess your portfolio at least once a year.

We can help you with this, enabling you to resolve problems and unlock the full potential of your investment properties. We will look at each and every property you own on an individual basis; whether you own a single investment property, or many properties at different locations throughout the country, we will assess all key areas. With our in-depth knowledge of issues such as equity, rental income and tax benefits, we can help to determine whether there are any important money-making opportunities you may have missed.

It could be the case that it would be more profitable for you to change the purpose and function of a property, for example by changing a multiple-roomed property into a HMO, or by letting a flat rather than selling it. Every investor has different goals and different opportunities for optimising profit, which is why we take a fresh and individual approach to each portfolio review and help you to devise the best strategy for achieving your aims, whatever they may be.

If you own investment properties in London and you don’t regularly assess your portfolio, you could potentially be missing out on thousands of pounds of profit. Let us help you to explore every possible avenue and make the most of your investments both now and in the future. We can also offer you guaranteed rent packages to keep your income steady over a period of up to ten years, if you decide that this is the right route for you to take.