Meeting the Decent Homes Standard

We pride ourselves on offering a wide number of services to the public sector, including property and estate management in Lewisham and throughout the rest of London. Amongst these services, we ensure that social housing is at the best standard it possibly can be.

We believe that everybody should have access to pleasant, comfortable housing. Working with a wide array of public sector partners, including local councils, we can help to deliver high quality renovations to a wide variety of properties in order to transform them into homes that fulfil the Decent Homes Standard.

The Decent Homes Standard came into effect at the beginning of the millennium, and is designed to improve the overall standard of social housing by setting out a list of required criteria that properties must meet. There are four main criteria which social housing must abide by in order to be considered decent housing. They must be free of health and safety hazards, be in a reasonable state of repair, must have reasonably modern facilities and services, and must provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

All property owned and managed by a local Council must meet these basic standards. Between 2011 and 2015, the Government has provided £1.6 billion of funding to help local councils achieve this standard. A further 160 million pounds has also been allocated for 2015 to 2016. This is to ensure that the state of council housing is improved considerably. Landlords or councils should always do everything that they can in order to deliver housing that falls in line with these standards for all of their tenants.

We can offer our help and expertise in providing works for homes so that they fall in line with the Decent Homes Standard. Works generally include insulation services and roofing installations, heating installation, overhauls of the electrical and plumbing systems and much more besides. We have resident liaison officers who can work closely with you and consult residents to ensure minimum disruption is caused whilst these works are carried out.