We are renowned throughout the UK for our guaranteed rent packages

We are most well known for our guaranteed rent services, which have enables thousands of investors to receive a steady income from their property no matter what their circumstances. As the preferred supplier for all London boroughs, we offer the highest available guaranteed rent without ever charging you any commission or management fees.

As the name suggests, guaranteed rent involves us paying you a guaranteed monthly sum of rent for your property, even when it is empty. You can continue to receive rent for a period of your choosing, up to ten years, meaning you can have a long term solution if this is what you require. At the end of the term, the property will be returned to your control in its original condition so you can sell it, continue to let it, or use it for any other purpose you choose.

Alongside providing you with a great income from your property, the service is also designed to make your life easier. As an investor or landlord, you will have plenty of work to deal with, so any service which decreases your workload can be extremely valuable to you. We can completely manage your property, handling your tenants’ needs, taking care of repairs and maintenance, and much more. If you want us to completely handle everything on your behalf, we can do so.

we do not only offer guaranteed rent in Islington and throughout the rest of London; we are able to guarantee the rent on any property of any size, regardless of where you are located in the UK. You do not have to have large investments or extensive portfolios to benefit from the service either. We will guarantee rent on any property of any size or any type, from large HMOs and houses with multiple bedrooms to small studio apartments and everything in between.