Redeveloping St. George’s Hospital in Hornchurch

The St. George’s Hospital site in Hornchurch, Havering has been earmarked for redevelopment since its closure in 2012. The 29 acres of land is currently vacant, with the old buildings left to deteriorate. There have been a number of planning applications to develop the site, including a failed attempt in 2015. The stumbling block was that the land is designated as Green Belt.

Efforts have continued to seek permission for the project to go ahead. In fact NHS Property Services has submitted two separate proposals. The first of these was a plan to develop the site to create a new healthcare facility. As part of it some of the land would have been developed to create additional parking and infrastructure.

The second plan is a far more attractive one, particularly when housing is concerned. This proposal is to create 279 new homes, transforming the existing buildings to create 75 and an additional 204 new builds. The plans state that 15% of the homes would be designated as affordable housing. Alongside these the site would also become home to a new park and a number of open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Planning officers worked closely with the applicant on the plans, providing their input to help preserve the Green Belt. With this in mind they worked to limit the height of buildings, reduce the footprint of the development work, and ensure that open space was provided. Outline planning permission has subsequently been granted so the project can start to progress.

The news will be well received across Havering because it offers the potential for new homes in the future. When the work is finished there will be properties to cater for an array of requirements, including affordable homes for people to get on the property ladder, larger homes for those looking to move up it, and opportunities to buy investment properties too.

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