The diverse landscape in Hillingdon is reflected in the homes in the Borough

Hillingdon is one of the most unique Boroughs in the whole of London. The area has a fantastic combination of huge developments and unspoilt landscapes. This is possible because of the size of the Borough and the differences between the north and south.

At the southern end of Hillingdon is Heathrow Airport, the largest and busiest transport hub in the whole of the UK. The site is huge, featuring two runways and five terminals. Over eighty airlines fly from the site, serving close to two hundred destinations around the world. The site is served by fantastic infrastructure, bringing even more developments to the area.

Further north there are over 800 acres of woodland, parks, fields, farms, and rivers scattered across the rest of the Borough. This gives the area a fantastic diversity that contrasts with the larger developments to the south.

The difference in the landscapes is reflected in the housing and the residents too. The south is far more urban and is home to a multitude of flats and apartments. The north has more space and greenery, offering a great suburban atmosphere. There are plenty of larger properties here that prove attractive to families.

Hillingdon has proven to be a very attractive area and has enjoyed some good rises in property prices in the last few years. The popularity continues and there are still a number of good investment opportunities to be found. With such a myriad of properties to choose from and so many different areas you should have little problem finding the right option for you.

At Finefair we cater for all kinds of buyers, including landlords. One service we are very happy to provide in Hillingdon is block management. We have the skills to look after large and small blocks of properties, ensuring that each one is managed to a high standard so it will deliver the best value.

With us you can expect a comprehensive service that is professional at all times. If you have any questions please contact us for advice.