A north west suburb with high demand for homes

Harrow is a beautiful suburb in north west London and offers a multitude of attractions for families and first time buyers alike. The area got its name from the prestigious boys’ school and enjoyed a big increase in the number of homes in the area in the 19th century when it expanded. There are a number of large Victorian and Georgian houses from this period in the area. The larger ones are very attractive and highly sought.

The second wave of home building also took place in the 19th century but came a little later on. The arrival of the Metropolitan line in 1880 made the area more accessible. This made it highly attractive to people working in urban parts of London because it allowed them to live in a more spacious setting with lovely green areas whilst also being within touching distance of their work place.

Today Harrow is very attractive to people looking to get on the property ladder and those seeking to move up it. There are numerous areas filled with spacious semi-detached homes with a good amount of outdoor space. These properties are very highly regarded because they are a rarity in the capital. The homes appeal to families, buyers looking for more space, and even to investors so they can be split into apartments.

The property market in Harrow is very healthy, with prices rising 12% in the last year according to Hamptons. On top of this they claim that properties take just 43 days on average to sell once they are put on the market. This figure shows how high the demand is.

At Finefair we know about all of the wonderful attractions that Harrow has to offer. We are proud to work with clients looking for properties in the area, including prospective owner occupiers and investors too. The latter can enjoy a wide array of service from us, including marketing, maintenance and even estate management. We are on hand to deliver as much value as possible and ensure your assets are properly looked after.