Providing much-needed properties for tenants

As the population of Britain grows, housing is required more than ever, especially in sought after areas such as London. There has always been a universal need for housing, but this need is beginning to strike us more than ever, and the construction of housing does not appear to be keeping up with demand. We are constantly searching for landlords who can let their properties to help boost our portfolios, so that we can assist the many tenants trying to find a place that they can call home in London.

The latest figures indicate a fall of 2.6% in housebuilding in January. They also showcase a fall of 3.1% against January 2014, highlighting the first year-on-year decrease since May 2013. As housebuilding has been the main driver of growth within the construction sector, this has also meant that the figures have affected the sector itself quite heavily. Housing output is down by 5% in the month to January, with public housing experiencing an astonishing 18.4% decrease and private housing experiencing a 1.3% decrease in the work that is being performed.

Housebuilding levels are down 25% in comparison to 2007, and this is having an effect on people looking for housing. There is already controversy in regards to affordable housing, with London particularly coming under fire because of this. This fall in housebuilding is contributing to growing concerns, particularly as the populace continues to grow and relocate.

We provide a range of different services, dealing with matters such as property management, lettings and council leasing in Havering and throughout the rest of London. When you lease your property through us, we can find a tenant as quickly as possible, ensuring a beneficial service for both you and the tenant. If you have a large property, we can also advise you in regards to turning it into a HMO, something which will potentially make you a lot more money and allow you to provide housing for several tenants. We understand that housing can be a problematic issue, and as the experts in property management, our team do all they can to optimise the properties of landlords in our portfolio, ensuring that more people can benefit from housing.