Your borough’s preferred guaranteed rent supplier

When it comes to guaranteed rent, we are the capital’s number one suppliers and the preferred agents for your London borough. With many years of experience behind us and a unique guaranteed rent offer that is open to all UK investors, regardless of the type of property they own, we have become renowned for offering the best quality services available anywhere in the capital.

In basic terms, guaranteed rent is exactly as the name suggests: we will pay you a guaranteed monthly sum, straight to your bank account, regardless of your circumstances or whether your property is occupied. Many landlords choose this service because it saves them time and stress, and ensures that they don’t have to chase up tenants for unpaid sums of money. It also gives a greater degree of financial security, allowing landlords to plan for the future safe in the knowledge that the money will be there ready and waiting each month.

Our guaranteed rent is swift, convenient, easy and profitable for you. The payments will start within just 24 hours of you signing up with us, meaning that you won’t be kept waiting around for weeks while your property remains empty. Whether the premises is occupied or not, you’ll continue to receive your rent money every month, and we’ll continue to provide a full management service that takes care of every aspect of the property for you.

It has never been simpler to get guaranteed rent in Hillingdon and the rest of London, protecting your investment and making sure you continue to receive an income regardless of the type of property you own. Whether you own a single flat or property, a block, or multiple properties in different areas, we are on hand with help, advice, practical management services and the best guaranteed rent rates available anywhere in the country.