Protecting Grovelands Park

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Being close to parks adds a lot of value to homes. The actual amount can vary though. Some properties don’t get the full benefit because the green space in question is poorly managed. This is the case with Grovelands Park.

This Grade II* listed park is about 40 acres. It dates back to the late 18th century and has ornamental gardens, sports pitches, a playground, a lake, and a Grade I Listed house, Grovelands. Under usual circumstances the space would add a lot of value to homes in the area.

What is the issue?

The park has been public since 1913 but has been on the at risk register since 2009. In recent years there have also been more frequent reports of anti-social behaviour in and around the area. As a result it is not benefiting the community as much as it should.

The major problem with the park is there are a number of different landowners. As a result it is very difficult to put a proper management strategy in place. Enfield Council would like to change this though following the number of negative comments from local residents.

Hopefully the council will be successful. It would be great for the park to improve and get off the at risk register. Locals would appreciate a space with good management that provides great value for the community.

Finefair understands the importance of great management. That is exactly what we work to provide with estates. There can be similar challenges to Grovelands Park because of the number of property owners. Luckily we can deliver a service to benefit everyone. This is why we are the very best for estate management Enfield has.

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