Greenwich Council is cracking down on student accommodation

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Greenwich Council is asking students living in private shared houses to be careful. They want them to verify that their landlord has the proper license. The council initiated its HMO obligatory licensing scheme in October 2017. It demands that landlords possessing multi-let houses obtain a license from the council. The majority of landlords know of their legal commitments. They must guarantee that their properties are safe enough for individuals to live in.

Some still don’t have a license

Nonetheless, statistics from Greenwich council reveal a worrying fact. Many properties still don’t have a license. As a result, they’re making moves to deal with those landlords who have yet to apply for one. Numerous structures don’t meet the health and safety standards. They aren’t managed particularly well. In addition, many suffer from overcrowding.

The council has stated that licensed buildings benefit tenants and landlords alike. Greenwich itself is famous for its higher education establishments. They have a substantial amount of students residing there. This way, they can be close to their place of study. However, there are those who don’t know that their landlord should possess a license. The council is encouraging people to check that their landlord has it.

At Finefair, we make sure that every landlord we work with has everything in order. Part of becoming a successful investor is following the regulations. Anyone who fails to do this risks putting tenants off. Even worse, they could end up fined.

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