Opinions on tower blocks have changed

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The opinion used to be that tower blocks were a bad thing. Things are different now though. At present, two blocks are receiving a series of final changes. The London Borough of Hackney commissioned them, with the blocks being 20 and 16 storeys high.

There is a twist here because both towers have flats that owners will sell privately. Prices range from £600,000 to £2.95 million. The intent here is to fund the reconstruction of lower blocks where council tenants can live.

Are the towers parts of a plan?

The pair of towers are one element of a scheme of housing projects. The towers themselves are part of Hoxton’s Colville estate regeneration. Hackney’s efforts are an aspect of the resurrection of council housing that has been occurring recently.

The goal of projects like those in the Colville estate is to replace lacklustre homes with refurbished or entirely new ones. They want to have the same amount or more homes available at social rent. In addition, there will be homes at intermediate levels. As a result things like shared ownership shall become an option.

Theoretically, there is a greater number of homes than before. Additionally, there are more on offer at different stages of affordability. What was once subpar council housing will make way for warmer, more durable, spacious, and drier homes.

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