Hammersmith properties in growing demand

With all the properties that are available in London, landlords have various options. Through council leasing Hammersmith and Fulham homes can go to those who need them. This is also a great choice for busy landlords who already have lots on their plate. We offer other services too that allow you to get the support you require for your properties.

London is an area that is always developing. This helps the various boroughs to continue thriving. These projects allow areas to continue being great places to invest in. One prime example of this is Hammersmith.

Regeneration Project

In West London, the Hammersmith district is already a good place to be. It is home to many assets that draw people in from near and far. Despite this, it is benefiting from an extra investment of £8billion. This will further boost what the area already has to offer.

Demand within Hammersmith for properties is currently very high. This looks like it will only keep increasing because of regeneration and population growth. The Borough Council has announced 10,000 new homes across the next 10 years. This will help them to meet the demand. In addition, private developers are looking to produce luxury apartments. The target audience for these are high-end residents and investors.

Plenty to offer

The exceptional location and great transport links are part of the reason this is one of the more popular parts of West London. It is widely known as a centre for media as well as technology. In addition, there is a partnership between Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Imperial College. The aim is to position the area as a global hub for the digital, bio-tech and creative industries.

Hammersmith will continue rising in popularity and the economy is already benefiting. Office occupier demand has grown by 28% during 2018 in comparison to the year before. The drive behind this is the service sector. People estimate that the population is to grow by 7% by 2028 which will push up house prices.

Over three quarters of the people living here are young professionals, and over a third of them rent. Because of this you can see that the area offers amazing opportunities for landlords.

Finefair is home to numerous services. This includes the council leasing Hammersmith and Fulham landlords can always depend on. We make our services simple with little hassle, so contact us today. Our team would be happy to tell you more about the work we do.