Property management can be very tricky in the City of London

The City of London has a very interesting property market due to it being the largest commercial hub in the UK. As a result it is home to more business premises than dwellings. Each day hundreds of thousands of people come to the area for work and as visitors. A much smaller number actually reside in the Borough.

Rental properties in the area are very highly regarded as they allow people who work in the Borough to rent a home whilst their main house is located outside the area. This is a strategy that many people choose because it frees them from the commute and transport costs. The end result is impressive demand for rentals.

The above means there is also good demand for professional property management services. Landlords want to ensure their properties are managed effectively and retained so that they retain their value. This is vital because maintenance is essential to longevity and can reduce the risk of encountering high repair bills. With the homes commanding such high values because of the price of space in the area it is even more important to be proactive with managing them.

At Finefair we have been providing property management solutions in the City of London for a number of years. It is an area where we have a lot of experience and the flexibility to deliver a tailored solution for each client. Our focus is always on ensuring each property is well managed, providing benefits for both the owners and the tenants too.

Our experience has seen us work with property owners from all around the world because of the great investments that properties in the City of London can prove to be. We can deliver all of the services they need, offering a local service that can be relied on completely.

If you have any questions about property management and the benefits investing in a professional service can offer please contact us.