Living in Westminster offers some wonderful attractions

The City of Westminster is most renowned for the myriad of incredible properties found in the area. many of these are very popular tourist attractions and millions of people visit the Borough each year to see them. A surprisingly large number of people live in the area too, with the estimate in the middle of 2013 being over 226,000.

Arguably the most attractive aspect of living in Westminster is that it is home to a huge array of transport links. It is one of the most well connected areas in the capital due to its central location and the vast number of people that visit. The infrastructure has developed as a response to these demands and it offers great opportunities for residents.

The area is also home to one of the largest concentrations of listed buildings in the whole of London. There are over 11,000 of these from different periods. An incredible 78% of the Borough is a conservation area so there is incredible stability. This also creates restrictions on new developments, restricting supplies of homes. As a result existing properties retain value very well.

There is demand for all manner of homes in Westminster, including those to purchase and rent. People want to live in the area because of the above advantages and the prestige that many of the postcodes offer.

At Finefair we have worked as a lettings agent in the City of Westminster for a number of years. Our experience is a big benefit to our clients because we can help them to evaluate properties, find tenants, and deliver the very best level of service. On top of this we can also offer support with portfolio expansion and planning the perfect investment strategies.

If you are an investor looking for properties or a landlord searching for a local specialist to handle management we are here for you. Please contact us to arrange a full consultation with a friendly, professional member of our team.