Croydon is home to many regeneration projects

Croydon has grown to become one of the best hotspots in London for rentals. The house prices are attractive and with rising rental rates there is the opportunity for really impressive yields. The area is definitely one to consider if you are looking for an investment opportunity and the prospect of a wonderful return.

One of the factors that sets Croydon apart is that there are regeneration works going on across large parts of the Borough. This kind of project is common in London but there are a huge number of projects going on here. Locations in the east, west, and middle of the area are being improved. Alongside these work is ongoing in Old Town and Fairfield too. The future certainly is positive for the area.

One of the largest projects in the area is a £1.5 billion retail and leisure complex. This will prove to be a major attraction for residents when it is finished. Additionally there are new hotels being created, over 2 million square feet of office space becoming available, and 8,000 new homes.

The demand for rental accommodation in Croydon is growing at a wonderful rate thanks to the attractions the Borough has to offer. Amongst these the transport links are particularly valued. They give people quick access to the centre of the city and the amenities it offers, including jobs, universities, and leisure facilities. The rental prices, although rising, are competitive compared to other areas too.

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