Current conditions are perfect for camden property investment

If you were to ask people what the optimal set of circumstances were for a successful investment we’d suggest that the most common answer would be at a time when costs are low but returns are high. Being able to do this depends on knowing and understanding the market you are seeking to make an investment in. When it comes to property in London, over the years we’ve proved to be peerless in regards of our level of understanding.

For those looking at areas where these optimal conditions exist for investment properties, Camden should be a priority consideration. The recent changes in the market have had a distinct effect on this very well known region, with the main nature of the effect being one of great benefit to potential investors.

Most people would assume that Camden is a rather expensive, somewhat exclusive area of London. This is something which stems, for the most part, from the fact that so many notable artists and famous people have made their home in the Borough. Although not quite exclusive, it has indeed been known to be expensive, with property prices normally being quite high. Values increased by 35% between April 2011 and April 2016, making the Borough one of the strongest performers in the market.

This growth has reversed slighly in recent times. Over the last two months property prices in Camden have fallen by around 4%. Although the drop level is quite moderate, it is very significant in the context of the average price. The current trend of a fall in property prices is not anticipated to be anything other than short term though.

In looking at the other side of what makes up optimal investment conditions there has been no fall in Camden rental values. Current prices reflect a significant potential yield for property owners, with double rooms in Camden attracting around £900 pcm and homes commanding rental fees of over £2,000 pcm.

Camden is such a great location for property investment because there are so many different types of home available. The current conditions are suited for optimal returns too. Whilst rental values in the area are anticipated to continue growing, it is unlikely that property prices will remain as low as they presently are. This means that people could invest now, find a deal that offers good savings, and enjoy a healthy yield while they wait for prices to rise.

If you have any questions about what makes a property a great investment please feel free to contact us. Finefair is an established company and provides support for numerous landlords.