Property management that looks after outdoor spaces

Property managers play a very important role, working as the middle ground between landlords and tenants. They can ensure all parties are happy and work to resolve any issues. A big part of this is ensuring that the building itself is presentable and properly maintained.

One of the most important aspects of property management is looking after the exterior of the building. Gardens are highly valued, especially in London, and can add value to rental and sale prices. If they are badly managed though, they can become a negative rather than a positive. This is particularly true if the garden is home to plants that could damage the structure. The most problematic one is Japanese knotweed.

The native East Asian plant, although attractive to look at, presents big problems for gardens and structures. It can spread rapidly, taking nutrients and moisture so that other plants die out. It is strong enough to grow through concrete and tarmac. This can put paths, patios, and even the foundations of structures at risk if it is allowed to grow close to the property.

The thing with Japanese knotweed is that even a very small cutting can grow into a large plant if given enough time. The more established they can get the harder the plants are to remove. They also need specific disposal so that they don’t spread when taken away.

At Finefair we ensure our property management services are as extensive as possible. As a result we can take care of issues inside and outside of properties, ensuring that everything as it should be. We work with talented maintenance providers, ensuring reliable, high quality services.

If you are looking for property management Islington has no better company to provide it than us. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and see what kind of service we can offer. Keep in mind that our focus is on ensuring that all parties are happy; we therefore facilitate long term tenancies.