A new cycling highway that could stretch to Hounslow

Cycling continues to be a very popular option for commuters in London. It offers a number of benefits including being great exercise, sustainable and good for the environment, lower commuting costs, and the chance to escape from busy public transport. The Government is supporting cyclists by looking in to creating even more routes such as cycle superhighways.

The latest idea is for Cycle Superhighway 9. The plan is to create a segregated route that initially stretches from Olympia train station in Kensington to Brentford. If this proves to be successful it could be extended to Hounslow.

The upgrades to the route would make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians too. It would include new lights and crossings, particularly on busy roads. The cycle highway would initially be around 5 miles long, but if extended as planned it would cover 9 miles. Residents in Harrow would be able to reach Kensington in under an hour as a result and those in Brentford would require around thirty minutes.

One of the major changes to the route would be a bypass that saves cyclists from having to navigate the Hammersmith Gyratory, a notorious area for accidents. It would also make it easier to get past Kew Bridge Junction.

The cycling route could encourage many people to switch to bicycles. It could also attract more people to live in these areas by increasing the number of transport options they have to choose from.

At Finefair we can work with clients looking to invest in properties all across London. We help them to explore their requirements and choose areas that meet them. If living in an area outside of central London that offers great transport links and good proximity to popular areas is what you want, Hounslow ticks all the right boxes. The potential for new cycling links adds even more benefits.

If you do decide to consider property investment Hounslow has lots of great areas. You can find out more about them and learn more about investing by contacting our team.