A London suburb with very fast commute times

Northwood is one of the most northern suburbs in the London Borough of Hillingdon but has a lot of things that entice people to live in the area. Most notably it is attractive to families for the larger homes and close proximity to good schools such as Harlyn Primary, Haydon, and the independent St. Helen’s.

The most impressive part of Northwood is the triangular area of special interest. This is in place to protect the character and history of the area, including the number of beautiful Victorian homes. Some of these date back to the period between 1891 and 1901 when the area saw big urban development. It is believed that the number of homes in the area grew from 115 to over 500 during this time.

The catalyst for the impressive growth in the area was the arrival of the railway. The Metropolitan line, the first underground railway in the world, was extended to Rickmansworth in 1887. Northwood Station opened in August of that year and an hourly service to Baker Street in Central London began on September 1st.

The transport links remain one of the big benefits of living in the area. With the Tube, residents can live in a wonderful suburban area with a lot of history and still reach the centre of London in around 30 minutes. Trains run far more regularly than once an hour today, catering for the larger number of travellers.

Northwood is an attractive area in Hillingdon and could enjoy good growth in the future as more people look to outer Boroughs where homes are more affordable. The advantages the area offers, including the fast commute, good schools, and large homes, give it excellent potential.

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