Planning disagreements can last a long time

The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is home to a number of beautiful properties and some that stand out for quite astonishing reasons. One of these is involved in a planning battle that has been ongoing for over five years. Although a recent decision at the Court of Appeal seemed to have provided a solution; new plans have escalated the situation again.

The home in question is a townhouse with a multi-million pound valuation. The original planning dispute occurred when neighbours raised objections regarding plans to build a super-basement beneath the property. The situation escalated when the owner decided to paint red and white vertical stripes on the exterior. This led to a huge argument over whether the property was an eyesore. The owner had followed all planning requirements before doing the work though and it was ruled the paint could stay.

The situation seemed to have been settled after the Court of Appeal ruled that the owner of the home was allowed to demolish it and build a new property in its place. The plans for a new home also include a basement, although smaller than the original one. This has again led to opposition to the plan.

The opposition is based on a series of points. Perhaps most notable is the potential for the work to make the neighbouring homes unstable. On top of this there are concerns about the noise, impact on traffic, and the safety connotations.

The issue may be an extreme case but it shows how much care property owners need to have in regards to plans for their properties. If they don’t the situation can escalate, neighbours can find themselves in conflict, and the legal costs can skyrocket.

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