A special landscape for a wonderful town

Ham is one of the most amazing towns in not just the Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, but the whole of London. It has a unique style due to the geographic location in a curve of the river. There are lush green meadows leading to this stretch of riverside, giving the area a really great country feel. To the east is the sprawling Richmond Park too.

The housing scene in Ham is just as interesting. The railway has never arrived in the area so the rows of terraced Victorian properties you expect in areas that grew because of this transport infrastructure are absent. Instead of these the town is home to Georgian properties and many developments from the 50s and 60s.

Although the lack of station may deter some buyers and renters, the number of advantages balance it out. For instance, there is a real feel that the area is perfect for families. There are plenty of wide outdoor spaces and good schools in the area too. The area has surprising staying power, especially for people who like the green space.

One of the most incredible things about the area is Ham House. The 17th century home is Grade I listed and carefully managed by the National Trust. The formal garden and surrounding parkland is also protected, possessing a Grade II listing. This ensures the history is preserved.

Ham House has been used as a filming location over the years and has a packed calendar of events every year for visitors to enjoy. With Halloween approaching the building will be very busy. It is considered to be one of the most haunted properties in the whole of the UK, with many paranormal events documented over the years.

At Finefair we provide estate management Kingston Upon Thames investors can trust in. Ham is a very interesting area that has quite a surprising level of demand for rental properties. The 50s and 60s homes are currently growing in popularity again due to their size. As a result they may possess good investment potential.

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