Properties show remarkable growth across Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge has, historically, sometimes been overlooked in terms of investment opportunities. There is, in fairness, quite good reason for this.

When people consider the area, their thoughts are normally drawn to how well known it is for the many parks and open spaces it offers, with some 25% of the Borough given over to this. In addition to this some 75% of properties in Redbridge are owner occupied; a figure which does suggest that there’s not much of a natural market there for property investors to gain yields from.

From our perspective as one of the leading names for investment properties in Redbridge, the above strengthen the case for considering the area. Both factors together create circumstances in which property options are limited but lucrative. Over the years we have assisted many of our clients in growing their portfolios by including the profitable properties the area has to offer.

Our view of success with the investment properties Redbridge offers is backed by the facts and figures. The latest available official reports, based on the Land Registry data, show that property prices in this London Borough have risen by an average of 16.5%. This makes it one of the highest performing areas across the whole of the capital, with all available information giving every indication that this growth pattern shall continue.

Many believe that it is the large number of open spaces and well kept parks that make Redbridge so attractive as an area to live. We certainly agree with this, and our experience has always been that it is a very special place to live. As a consequence, investing in property within the Borough can bring both long and short term success, depending on what strategy you have in place for your portfolio.

The understanding we have of the Redbridge property market demonstrates why we are so successful, and why we are one of the most trusted names for property services in London. We always look at the real term needs and requirements of people, not just the facts and figures from the market. With us you always have the assurance of personal and professional services working in your best interests.