Guaranteed rent can be offered on various properties

One of the most stressful aspects of being a landlord is ensuring you get the best income for a property. To achieve this you need to understand demand in the area, supply, price growth, and the kind of tenants to target. Additionally you need to look closely at the property to ensure it offers the right features and is to the correct standard.

Even if you get all of the above spot on, offering the correct property in a great area, there will still be some issues to prepare for. Most notably is the fact that at some point a tenancy will end. This leaves you needing to attract new tenants. The longer a property remains uninhabited the more income you lose out on. This is known as a void period.

Typically void periods are a part of the letting process that can’t be avoided. Care can be taken to organise tenancies and marketing to keep it to a minimum but at best there will still be a small gap.

There is an option that can ensure you get an income without fail though; guaranteed rent schemes. With these you put the property into the hands of a lettings agent or the local authority. They then take charge of finding tenants and managing the property. The owner receives a set monthly income for the duration of the scheme without fail, regardless of the status of the property.

At Finefair we have worked hard to provide the very best guaranteed rent services in Richmond Upon Thames and other London Boroughs for several years. We are committed to serving landlords and ensuring they get the very best level of service. We look after each property as if we were the owner, ensuring they attract the right attention and stand the best chance of securing tenants.

The thing that sets us apart is we have the skills to manage and find tenants for a wide variety of properties, from flats and studios all the way to HMOs. We can even take on properties in need of refurbishment, working with clients to improve the standards and get the property inhabited as quickly as possible.

If you would like our help please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledge of individual Boroughs, including Richmond Upon Thames, means you can really benefit from the advice we offer.