Keeping on top of exterior maintenance is crucial

Keeping properties in the right condition is vital for a number of reasons, including the fact that upkeep and maintenance can reduce wear and repair costs in the future. Property owners, whether they are owner occupiers or landlords, are responsible for the work, including both inside and outside of the property. In some cases tenants can be given the responsibility but this must be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement.

Those property owners and tenants who don’t keep on top of the maintenance of properties can find themselves with penalties. These can include being served with community protection notices (CPNs) and fixed penalty notices (FPNs) if they don’t take action following the first notice. Failure to comply is also a criminal offense.

Newham Council has shown its commitment to improving how properties are managed and presented in the Borough over the last few years. Between October 2014 and the same month in 2015 they handed out 8,795 warnings and 1,486 CPNs. Many of these were because of the state of exterior areas such as gardens and driveways. Only 30 FPNs were handed out following the earlier notices, showing that the majority of people responsible for property upkeep took action and improved conditions.

Property owners in Newham should be aware of the Council’s actions and be proactive with their maintenance. This can help to prevent issues from arising in the first place and helps to improve the aesthetics of the Borough in general.

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