Prime developments in Newham

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Traditionally the prime market in London was limited to a small number of central areas such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Kensington. Prices in these locations remain high but there has been some change recently as people look to get the most for their money. This has led more people to look beyond the area.

New prime developments are popping up across East and South London. These luxury buildings can offer plenty of attractive things, including great facilities and high quality homes. They can also be in areas that benefit from other investments such as new transport links.

A new hotspot

One area that has become a popular prime area is Newham. It has lots to offer and will receive Crossrail. The number of new builds is attractive too. According to new data, 56% of prime sales in the area were for new build homes.


The interesting change with prime markets is the importance of trends. While traditional areas will always be popular, trendy ones can attract more interest. If a location is popular it can add a premium to prices and urge people to buy purely because other people are buying here. How trendy an area is now ranks as one of the most important factors, far more valuable than it was just a decade ago.

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