Living in Bushey Mead

Finefair know why so many people want to live in Merton; affordable house prices and open space. It is a great Borough and has good transport links into the centre of the city as well as popular parts of the West End. If you make an investment we are a lettings agent Merton landlords can always trust in.

Sometimes smaller areas in a Borough have the most to offer. Many of these locations have a strong community spirit and feel more exclusive. A great example of this in Merton is Bushey Mead. There are rows of Victorian terraces here, many of which date back to the 1890s. The area was a popular suburb at the time and many of the properties show signs of wealth. For example there are a number of decorative flourishes and plenty of bay windows.

The development of the entire area was done by 1920. The result was a ladder of streets of terrace housing. Many of them survive in their original form. Some homes near Kingston Road are newer because they were destroyed during World War II.


One of the best things about Bushey Mead is the location. The ladder of streets is between Raynes Station and Wimbledon Chase. This is a great place for commuters because it means easy commuting.

Green space

To the south is some great green space. Firstly there is Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Park with its facilities for various sports. Beyond that is Cannon Hill Common. Here you can find woodland, lakes and ponds, and a conservation area. People love to fish in the area but must have a license. In addition there are allotments at Martins Way.

Moving up

The homes in Bushey Mead are very popular with young families. They are quite spacious and the perfect next step up the ladder for many people. This means there is always quite healthy demand.

Finefair is a lettings agent Merton based clients can always rely on. We look at areas across the Borough and work to offer the right level of service. Contact us if you have any questions, whether it is about tenancies, management, or even guaranteed rent. We are one of the leaders in these areas in London.