The popular London area for fixer-uppers

When it comes to investment properties Redbridge has lots to offer. It is a Borough with some great prices and plenty of opportunities. Therefore it is no surprise that so many people are looking here. Finefair can help any buyer, including investors looking at buy to rent.

Buying a property that requires improvements does not appeal to everybody. Some buyers want a home that is in a great condition and ready to live in. Others want a project and the chance to invest in getting the house how they want it. The fact that a further investment is necessary can also help to reduce the sale price. There are lots of bargain hunters looking for the right opportunity.

Which area is the best?

Zoopla recently did a survey to determine how many homes are “fixer-upper”. In total they found 0.86% of all property listings from last year said that the homes need work. This is quite a surprising number when you consider there are over 25 million homes in the UK.

The most popular area for fixer-uppers is Slough. It had an impressive 3.32% of the total listings. Other areas with high percentages included Plymouth, Greenock and Bristol.

In London as a whole 0.62% of homes were in need of improvement. This is less than the UK total. In the city the area with the highest total was Redbridge at 1.52%. To put this into perspective the location with the lowest number was Waltham Forest at 0.48%.

If you are looking for a bargain in the capital and want to put money into improving a home, Redbridge is a great location. As you can see from the figures there are more properties to choose from.

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