Pimlico is a well regarded Zone 1 location

Pimlico in the City of Westminster is established as one of the best spots in Zone 1 for riverside homes, high scoring schools, and easy access to a huge array of attractions. It draws a wide variety of property seekers, from professionals looking for the most valuable stucco homes to families who want to live on well-regarded council estates.

One of the greatest benefits Pimlico has is affordability in comparison to neighbouring Belgravia. When the railway arrived in 1860 it created a barrier between the two areas. Although still offering fine squares and attractive terraces, more wealth was attracted to Belgravia. Today prices remain higher in the northern area.

A number of professionals choose to purchase or rent flats in Pimlico whilst having their main home further outside of the London city centre. Students are also drawn to the area, particularly those studying at the Chelsea College of Arts in Westminster.

There are plenty of great attractions on offer in Pimlico including exclusive shops, restaurants, and St. George’s Square. The stretch of the Thames is good for riverside walks and cycling. On top of this Westminster is next door to the east, Hyde Park and Belgravia are to the north west, and Battersea Park is just over the river to the south west.

From the local Tube Station residents can take the Victoria Line to Brixton in the south, King’s Cross to the north, and on to north west London. Commuting is therefore very easy. Alternatively the attractive location means walking and cycling is possible to most central destinations.

If you are looking at investing in an attractive location in the City of Westminster Pimlico definitely has a lot to offer. The area has attractive staying power and investors, even accidental ones, are known to hold on to their properties for longer periods.

Finefair is proud to be one of the leading providers of block management City of Westminster clients can call on. We deliver first rate services, working throughout the Borough including in Pimlico. Our team are highly skilled and we will take care of every aspect of managing the blocks, regardless of their size.

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