Croydon is a hot location for office space

The arrival of businesses in an area can have a dramatic impact on it, drawing more residents who want to work for the companies and enjoy the services they offer. This in turn can boost demand for homes and prices. Investors can earn great rewards if they are able to invest in areas where demands for office and retail space are on the rise.

One location in London that has transformed to become one of the hottest areas for office space is Croydon. The area has some of the lowest prices, particularly in comparison to the centre of the city. Huge regeneration projects have helped to improve the infrastructure in the area and created more eye-catching architecture that suits the needs of businesses.

A number of businesses are being drawn to Croydon, from high profile multinationals to tech start-ups. HBSC was one of the most well known names to relocate to the area, choosing 183,000 square feet of offices. This move attracted other companies, showcasing that the area has plenty to offer.

One of the big selling points for Croydon is the transport infrastructure. Although the area is in Zone 5 the close proximity to Victoria and London Bridge mean the whole city is open to residents after a 15 minute rail commute. As a result it feels almost like Zone 1.

With more businesses coming to the area the interest in homes has naturally increased. Investors are looking for properties they can purchase to offer as rentals in particular. There is demand for these as people look to get a feel for an area by renting before purchasing.

At Finefair we can deliver a myriad of services for investors all across this south London Borough. We strive to give each of them as many options as possible, ensuring they can select the right one for their needs. One service we are renowned for is providing the best council leasing Croydon has to offer. With it investors can enjoy security on their rental income and avoid issues with finding tenants.

If you would like to find out more about the council leasing process please contact us. We can also provide useful information about the Croydon Borough if you need more details.